Lili Ploskova lives and works in Vienna as an artist and freelance textile designer. She was born 1975 in Bulgaria. After finishing the Art School in Sofia, she came to Austria to study first Painting, Tapestry and Animation in the class of Prof. Attersee, and then Graphic Design in Prof. Luerzer´s class. In 2002 she graduated with a MA degree in Painting and Graphics at the University for Applied Arts in Vienna.


The variety of her education, as well as the artist´s open-minded understanding of art is the explanation for the diversity of her artistic work. Beside classic genres like figural painting and graphics, Lili loves to work with silk-screen printing techniques, collages and illustration. There are series of textile objects, installations, photography and film in her portfolio as well. In the last two decades Lili has been showing her work in group and solo exhibitions in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, France, Bulgaria and Lithuania.


Additionally, from 2007 till 2017, believing that art has to be “used and worn”, Lili Ploskova founded and ran her silk-screen-printing studio “LILA PIX”. She managed to establish her label for quality hand printed textile on an international level, selling her hand printed textiles from Brasil to Tokyo. Since 2015 the best of her designs had been represented in the museum shops of renowned Austrian Museums: MAK, Lentos, Gugging and Kunsthalle Krems.


Still, the core of her art is a fusion of painting and graphics, always committed to the quest of a unique aesthetics – the aesthetics in human relations, everyday situations, nature occurrences or even simple objects. She is looking for the beauty of the one single moment, captured by her camera, trying to find an artistic relation to it.


A big part of her oeuvre is devoted to portraiture. Lili explores unknown strangers, popular artist, a family member or herself with the same intense and curiosity. The signature in her portraits is the strong emotional impression, as well as boldly used colours and dark outlines. 


An important topic in Lili´s work is Time. She photographs for example collected objects and works with the "time patina" on them. She uses also the idea of repetition, provided by the silk-screen printing technique, extending the particular moment of picturing to infinity and abstraction. 


After ten years of intense work in the field of applied art, in 2015 Lili Ploskova came back to fine art and photography. Hundreds of ink drawings, collages, silk-screen prints, paintings and photographs were created - most of them stayed undisplayed till now.