The "Made In Austria" (MIA) Project is focused on eleven Austrian personalities, women and men with great achievements in art, music, sports, engineering, technology and natural science. These celebrities lived and performed in completely different ages, places or circumstances, all driven by the same wish - creating something new, something significant and long lasting. Those are the humans who challenged them self and had the choice to write world history. The list could be much longer, but I made the decision to concentrate on the ones, that I can relate to the most.


The idea and the name of the project is at least corny and old fashioned, but I found it challenging to work with such a cliche and to push it further. I chose to work on paper with a mixture of freehand painted underlay and multiple silk-screen prints on it. Because of the print-repetition, I had the opportunity to explore the particular individual more intensely, finding completely different expressions and moods of one and the same person only through the colour. 


35 multi-colour works, acrylic underlay, silkscreen prints on paper, 63x83cm + single prints in black 50x70 // 2016 - 2017