The "Red Line" Cycle is based on a well-known game with a lot of names: Cat´s cradle or Fadenspiel or игра на конец etc. The game is very old and strangely to me, traditional in various countries around the world. It is personal and global at the same time.


I know it as a generation game and played it with my grandparents. In this project I am profiling my full family: grandparents, parents, partner, my self and my kids, all named personally and in Bulgarian on the artworks. The cycle encloses topics like family bond, generation values, nostalgia, home, time quality and roots honouring.


With the act of making this personal bond public I am transferring the importance of this values and my emotions about it further to the viewer - out of the family, making it global at the end. Info to the artworks by clicking on them. // Pencil, acrylic and Indian ink on cardboard // 2018