Time has always been an important topic for me: as a person, as a woman and mother, but also in relation to my work. In the past few years, I have artistically dealt with various subjects. Now I realise, that unconsciously I have been putting them under the same denominator: time and how different it is to be measured. In retrospection, I realised that in different stages of my life, my time ran completely different – sometimes racing in front of me and sometimes hardly moving. I found it even more exciting that the time I spent alone in my studio and the feeling about it, seems to be the only constant.


I was thinking long about how to represent this idea artisticly in the best possible way. I see myself somehow as a technical artist and objects collector. So it was clear to me: I have to photograph my art tools - the ones I used the most and kept for the longest time. Like humans, each of the selected items has a different shape, colour, and texture. Each object has its own life and history, showing different time sequences. What connects them is their function and the patina they got from it. Additionally, the technical possibility to process the photos gave me a hint how to level up the presentation. I used a motion-blur to express the feeling of a faster or slower time-run.


The objects are not beautiful, but significant for me. My work has marked them. The time too. I love them and have tried to show each one very closely and as aesthetically as possible. The large size of the prints and the magnification of the objects emphasise once again their importance for me. Info to each artwork by clicking on it.

Photo paper / 75x110cm or 110x165cm // 2019